A Traditional Mountain Village
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A Traditional Mountain Village


The mountainous village Syki, belonging to the municipality of Afetes, is located on the southeastern side of Pelion and is built at an altitude of about 300 meters. Although it is not one of the most famous destinations of Pelion, Syki charms the visitors thanks to the beautiful churches, the nearby beaches, the traditional color and the endless views towards the Aegean Sea and to the islands of Sporades.

Syki seems to have been founded in 1777, as a relative sign informs us, with founders being Greek nomadic herders. During Ottoman occupation, the invaders burned completely the village (1823), which over the years was rebuilt from the ground up. Regarding the name, before the settlement was named Syki, it had the name “Skie”, derived from the Arvanitic dialect.

Along your walks in the village streets between houses of traditional architecture, enjoy quiet moments in the paved square of the village. There you can visit the church of Agiou Georgiou (St. George), which has many beautiful murals and pictures-relics, built in 1939.  At the same place other temples were built earlier (1777, 1834), which,  were destroyed. Also, go for a walk by the chapel of Profitis (Prophet) Elias and the convent of St. John the Baptist. The convent is about 1.5 km from the village and was built in 1795 by Dimos Zapaniotis at the expense of captain Stergios Basdekis. Until 1914 served as a male monastery and from 1984 until today operates as a convent.

Apart from all its other advantages, the village has very beautiful beaches, making it suitable for a summer vacation. While heading towards the vast Aegean Sea, we find the beaches of Potoki and Pantazi Ammos. The first is just 3 km away from Syki and comprises two bays, has many springs and is ideal for isolation. The latter, Pantazi Ammos is also isolated located 5 km away from the village and has a large sandy beach surrounded by a rocky landscape.